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7Twelve   is a balanced global investment

strategy that uses multiple asset classes to attempt to

enhance performance and reduce risk. 


How to Build a Global, Balanced, Strategic Portfolio

7Twelve Advisors, LLC is an SEC RIA, established in 2008. We build and manage public fund products of the 7Twelve strategy created by Craig Israelsen, PhD, and the 3Twelve Total Bond strategy, created by Andy Martin. 


The 7Twelve strategy is an equally-weighted diversified index-based balanced strategy available to investors as a variable annuity sub-account and as a model portfolio. Unlike a traditional two-asset 60-40 balanced fund, the 7Twelve balanced strategy uses multiple asset classes in an effort to enhance performance and/or reduce risk. The '7' of 7Twelve represents the suggested number of asset classes to include in your portfolio. The 'Twelve' represents the 12 underlying investments.

7Twelve--Stay fully invested, not fully exposed.


7Twelve Strategy
For Balanced Investors

7Twelve is a blueprint for financial advisors looking to build a well-diversified investment strategy with a single investment.

3Twelve Total Bond Strategy
For Fixed Income Investors

3Twelve Total Bond may be the first strategic, passive, equally-weighted fixed income strategy.

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