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7Twelve   is a balanced global investment

strategy that uses multiple asset classes to attempt to

enhance performance and reduce risk. 


How to Build a Global, Balanced, Strategic Portfolio

The 7Twelve strategy is an equally-weighted diversified index-based balanced strategy. Unlike a traditional two-asset 60-40 balanced fund, the 7Twelve balanced strategy uses multiple asset classes in an effort to enhance performance and/or reduce risk. The '7' of 7Twelve represents the suggested number of asset classes to include in your portfolio. The 'Twelve' represents the 12 underlying investments.

7Twelve--Stay fully invested, not fully exposed.


7Twelve Strategy
3Twelve Total Bond Strategy
Fixed Income

7Twelve is a blueprint for financial advisors looking to build a well-diversified investment strategy with a single investment.

3Twelve Total Bond may be the first strategic, passive, equally-weighted fixed income strategy.

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